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people s liberation army navy submarine force wikipedia - the people s liberation army navy submarine force plansf is the submarine service of the people s liberation army navy it consists of all types of submarines in operational service organized into three fleets the north sea fleet the east sea fleet and the south sea fleet submarines have long been one of the three focuses of the people s liberation army navy the other two are aircraft and, norway may go dutch with poland on subs - norway s 6 ula class u210 diesel electric submarines were commissioned from 1989 1992 and play an important role in their overall fleet the 1 150t design combined german design sonar and torpedoes with a french thomson csf now thales sintra flank array sonar, victoria class submarine fleet creating canadian controversies - may 4 15 canada is planning a major mid life extension program for its fleet of victoria class subs various options are being considered with a report expected by june the project is expected to be worth between 1 2 and 2 5 billion with the aim of extending the boats life by six to eighteen years, submarine history 1914 1941 a timeline of development - 1916 toward the end of the year the situation in germany was getting desperate the typical daily food ration was five slices of bread half a small cutlet half a tumbler of milk two thimblefuls of fat a few potatoes and an egg cup of sugar