The Fleet Type Submarine Underwater Log Systems -

collins class submarine wikipedia - development and design the proposal for a new type of submarine to replace the oberon class of diesel electric submarines began in july 1978 when the ran director of submarine policy prepared a paper detailing the need to start considering a replacement for the ageing oberons, ddg type 45 britain s shrinking air defense fleet - the 5 200t type 42 sheffield class destroyers were designed in the late 1960s to provide fleet area air defense for britain s royal navy after the proposed type 82 air defense cruisers were canceled by the labour government in 1966, submarine periscopes and approach techniques fleet - since a submarine can attack while hidden underwater they need a unique solution to tracking their enemy and that is where the submarine periscope comes in the early designs of the submarine periscope that were used in world war 2 were very simple by essentially having two telescopes pointing towards each other, norway may go dutch with poland on subs - 2007 2011 the norwegian ministry of defence studies whether norway should continue to have a requirement for a submarine capability after 2020 this isn t an idle question their neighbor denmark looked at the issue recently and decided to scrap their underwater fleet, company a z naval technology - c calzoni marine handling lighting solutions cambridge pixel radar display and target tracking for naval command and navigation systems cbg lightweight structural fire protection for marine applications, submarine history 1914 1941 a timeline of development - illustrated submarine history from 1914 to 1845 1915 in may u 20 sank the civilian passenger liner lusitania killing 1 198 men women and children