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jquery lightbox generator mobile ready responsive - fixed problem with gallery id in website builder bug fixes visual lightbox v5 6 july 04 2015 now you can save your gallery as a wordpress plugin for more info visit how to create wordpress jquery lightbox now you can export your gallery as a joomla 2 5 module, 30 best free calendar datepicker jquery plugins - jquery plugins are continuing to grow in popularity and in number this article guides you through 30 of the best free calendar datepicker plugins, wordpress plugin jquery floating menu design chemical - updated 30th june 2012 the jquery floating menu plugin allows you to add a floating sticky menu containing important links to your wordpress site, 30 jquery menu bar tutorials examples 1stwebdesigner - create a sliding navigation menu in css3 and jquery 4 easy steps there are many ways to create a navigation menu for the web one of the most popular navigation menus is the accordion look drop down navigation that slides up and down showing its sub menus when toggled, newest jquery questions stack overflow - i am working on the dashboard of an web application the page have left sidebar where the user needs to hover the menu icon and the sub menus would display, wordpress themes and freebies jquery slider - jquery slider and wordpress slider responsive 30 effects 30 skins data sources from youtube flickr instagram rss wordpress taxonomies wordpress post custom, jquery validation plugin form validation with jquery - the plugin was initially written and maintained by j rn zaefferer a member of the jquery team lead developer on the jquery ui team and maintainer of qunit it was started back in the early days of jquery in 2006 and updated and improved since then, codelobster download free portable php ide with support - codelobster ide 1 4 0 multi platform version is absolutely free version this multifunctional cross platform php ide html php css javascript code editor has almost all features other modern ides have it allows quick and efficient developing of any php application, 30 jquery plugins for scrolling effects with css animation - demo download 2 animatescroll demo download animatescroll is a jquery plugin which enables you to scroll to any part of the page in style by just calling the animatescroll function with the id or classname of the element where you want to scroll to, responsive touch slider slideshow gallery carousel banner - jssor jquery slider plugin and no jquery version slider work almost the same both are for image slider carousel content slider carousel slideshow and caption slide animation are all available for both version, mosaic sliding boxes and captions jquery plugin build - sliding boxes revisited the original sliding boxes tutorial is undoubtedly our most popular tutorial with about 660 000 views as of this post given our recent surge in releasing plugins we decided to add sliding boxes to the roster say hello to the mosaic jquery plugin features automatically generates sliding boxes captions allows slide fade animations with custom directions, create featured content slider using jquery ui - using an auto playing content slider is the one of techniques to show your featured content it saves you space and makes for a better user experience and if you add a pinch of eye candy to it then there is no looking back here s how to create a nice looking featured content slider for your blog or website using jquery and jquery ui libraries, html5 jquery doesn t support postmessage event stack - jquery might be preprocessing the event s data property and this operation may not properly support the message event yet try using the originalevent property to fetch your data window on message function e var data e originalevent data should work, 30 fresh html jquery image sliders and carousels of 2018 - responsive jquery bootstrap carousel create a mobile retina touch swipe carousel that looks amazing on all browsers and phones add images text videos thumbnails buttons to slides set autoplay full screen full width or boxed layout, 10 advanced jquery performance tuning tips from paul irish - there were a lot of good speakers at today s jquery summit but paul irish s talk on jquery anti patterns for performance compression was my stand out favorite covering a number of advanced jquery performance optimization techniques this speech put my knowledge of jquery optimization to shame, reading binary data using jquery ajax henry algus - jquery is an excellent tool to make web development easy and straightforward it helps while doing dom manipulation and makes ajax requests painless across different browsers and platforms, edit gridview using jquery dialog asp net c ashish s blog - in this article i ll explain how to edit records in asp net gridview control using jquery dialog ui there is many other way to do that but here is the easiest way to do it, creating dynamic popup menus with jquery mobile ram s blog - creating popup menus in jquery mobile is not quite simple i am talking about menu that you might want to display when user clicks on for example a list item or a button, keos 89 1fm community radio for the brazos valley - tune in on wednesdays from 7 00 9 00 pm for castle thunder hosted by twila on keos the next show features music in sophia coppola s films